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Sandra Kooij

Associate professor of Psychiatry, Amsterdam UMC/VUMc

  • A psychiatrist at PsyQ, psycho-medical programs, Head Expertise Center Adult ADHD, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Sandra Kooij started in 1995 with research and the development of diagnostic assessment and treatment of adult ADHD in the Netherlands. In 2006 she received her PhD on a thesis entitled ‘ADHD in adults. Clinical studies on Assessment and Treatment’.
  • Since 2002 she is head of the Dutch Expertise Center Adult ADHD, and involved in research, treating patients, educating professionals, informing the public, publishing books, scientific papers, websites and a new ADHD app, Super Brains.
  • Since 2016 she is also Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Amsterdam University Center/VUMC in Amsterdam.
  • She published over 100 peer-reviewed international papers and more than 20 books or book chapters on ADHD in adults.
  • She chairs de DIVA Foundation that developed the Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in adults (DIVA 2.0, now DIVA-5 based on DSM-5 criteria) that will be online available in more than 20 languages.
  • She is the initiator and chair of the European Network Adult ADHD that unites 68 members from 24 countries.
  • She is a board member of Eunethydis, a member of the Scientific Committee of the World Federation of ADHD, honorary member of ADHD Europe, as well as on the Advisory Council of Apsard.