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Mark A. Bellgrove

I completed a PhD in Experimental Neuropsychology at Monash University in 2002.

I undertook postdoctoral training at the interface of cognitive neuroscience and psychiatric genetics at Trinity College Dublin from 2002-2004.  From 2005—2007 I held an NHMRC Howard Florey Centenary Fellowship in the School of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Melbourne.  In 2007 I was part of a team recruited to the Queensland Brain Institute to develop cognitive neuroscience at the University of Queensland (UQ). At UQ I held an NHMRC Career Development Award (Level 2; 2009-2012). In 2012 I was recruited to the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University as Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience and Larkins Fellow. I am currently funded by a Senior Research Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).  My research programmes receive support from the NHMRC, Australian Research Council and Medical Research Future Fund of Australia.  The focus of my laboratory is to understand the biological mechanisms of attention and cognitive control with a view to delineating biological risk pathways for disorders such as ADHD.  To achieve this goal I lead a multi-disciplinary group with skills in psychiatry, molecular genetics, psychopharmacology, and cognitive neuroscience – particularly functional MRI and EEG.  We have published seminar papers on the molecular genetics and cognitive neuroscience of attention in journals such as Neuron, Nature Neurosciences, Journal of Neuroscience and Molecular Psychiatry.  I am Director of Research in the School of Psychological Sciences and Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health. I am President of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA), the peak professional body for ADHD in Australia.